How to Pack for a great trip?

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International travel packing tips can make your vacation much easier. Especially when you plan to become a real backpacker. So, let’s get to it. Let’s learn how to pack for a trip abroad!

Carry-on bag requirements

If you want to visit Mallorca in the summer or spend a week in Greece, you don’t really need to pack all your stuff. A small carry-on luggage can be enough for summer apparel, beach gear included. However, different airlines have different requirements regarding the size of a carry-on. The flight is cheaper, but you must meet these requirements. That’s even more important if you plan to use another airline on your way back. Double check luggage standards and make sure that your bag meets them all. If you fail, they will charge you for the mistake. That’s a pretty useful tip on how to pack for a trip to Europe. How to avoid other tourist traps? You can read about that here:

The ultimate packing checklist

Always make a list. ALWAYS. Even experienced backpackers forget some essentials from time to time. Split the list into categories. Electronics, beach stuff, underwear… Check them all and try to put them into separate packing cubes. That way, they will be easier to pack and handle during your adventure. You will avoid chaos. Everything will remain in order. Sounds comfy, doesn’t it? Remember that a travel cube can also be used as a container for smelly sox and other laundry.

How to pack for a trip to Asia?

The best packing advice for trip planning to Asian is this: get ready for rain. Add an extra packing cube for your rain gear, and make sure this is a breathable material. You see, backpacking in Asia usually means rain and heat at the same time. You need to have a rain jacket that will keep you from sweating too much. A cheap rain solution won’t be enough. It will make you wet from the inside, especially if you plan to do some hiking. Your packing list should therefore include a good quality rain jacket, pants and shoes that keep your feet dry from both the rain and your own sweat. Otherwise, you might get blisters.

Packing light is worth it!

There’s a difference between backpacking and travelling with an agency. The first option means you will change your location quite often. Sometimes things can become spontaneous, and you might move to the city you never thought of before. That means your entire bag must be easy to carry. Therefore, the lighter it is the better. Don’t take too much stuff with you. Take everything you need. A first aid kit is a good idea, but three pairs of jeans? There’s always a way for doing laundry while travelling. In Mallorca, for instance, there are hostels that charge 4 euros for the service. The drier is also available, but roof terraces are always equipped with some laundry strings. That works great in Morocco as well. The point is, you have plenty of means to clean your clothes while backpacking. Keep your bag light, then. You will appreciate this during spontaneous travels across Spain, for example.

What sleeping bag for backpacking?

Well, that depends. Sometimes a sleeping bag is not necessary at all. It shouldn’t make your ultimate packing list ONLY if you are certain you won’t need it. Even the cheapest hostels in Europe provide their guests with bed equipment. Couch-surfing, on the other hand, is a different story. Nevertheless, the bag should be light and compact. But that comes with a compromised temperature comfort. Colder conditions require a more appropriate bag. Include it in trip planning when you are opened for unexpected activities and destinations.

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